I take pride on making your special day, ONE TO REMEMBER!

Wedding Planning Information:

You must purchase your marriage license in the state where you will be married, not the state where you live. You have a time frame of 30-60 days when you purchase your license to get married or it expires. Make sure you check this with your auditor at time of purchasing your license.

Clark County, Washington Marriage License 360-397-2243 
Click on this link to check on your marriage license

Oregon Marriage License Information:
Multnomah County Marriage License 503-988-3027
Washington County Marriage License 503-846-8752
Clackamas County Marriage License 503-655-8551
Yamhill County Marriage License 503-434-7518
Marion County Marriage License 503-588-5225


These tips are intended to help make your day stress-free and fun.

Quick Wedding Check List

~ Big Wedding Check List

The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook
(This book is great for the person that needs more then what my website gives)
Here is a web site that you can go to for gift registry. The great thing about this site is that it Helps guests get you a gift without using there Credit Card on-line!

Helpful Information:

Like I tell all those in the wedding party. On the wedding day, think of it as PICTURE DAY . Making sure that everyone knows where to stand, stand up straight. smile & show everyone how happy you are for the bride and groom or how happy you are marring the person of your dreams.This day is the one that will go in your Photo album and shown to your great great great grand children.

I try to make sure everyone understands this so that the PICTURES & the WEDDING turn out perfect! Dedicated to making your special day one to remember.

Quote by Lucas: It's as easy as you make it. but with the help from friends and family, it can be even Easier!

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