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The Short Version to Prepare for a Quick Wedding

For those of you who want to get married way before 7-12 months.
Just do the check list (below) in 6-8 weeks.
Or do the 1..2...3...4... steps. You can do this in about 2-6 weeks, This will take not only you and your spouse but will also take friends and family to pull this time frame off, so that this is as perfect as it should be.

1. Call your minister and schedule a date at your home or another place that you want to get married in.(Make sure both dates are ok with the chapel/building your getting married in and your minister) Go to the local auditors office inthe area you are to be married in and get your marriage license, Makew sure you get your license within 30 days of your wedding day or it will expire.
Get organized with food, music, photographer, tables, chairs, decorations,cake, clothes, flowers, reservations for your honeymoon and pick or make your vows.

2. Call, send out e-mails and Letters letting everyone know to come at the place and time you have set. Making sure you have at least 2 witnesses. (usually the best man and brides maid)

3. Show up the day before at the place of wedding for rehearsal, this is a very important day, Making sure it all goes perfect. While there make sure all is set-up or ready to be set-up on wedding day... tables, chairs, cake, decorations, flowers, food, music, photographer.

4. Show up in full dress on your wedding date with your witnesses/ bridal party,hair done, and get married! then go on honey moon.

Sounds simple and easy dosent it? Just make sure you are organized and if you are not sure how to do it. Ask someone that has done it before, a friend that won't cost you anything like a wedding planner will, or hire a wedding planner.

I really suggest if you do not know what you are doing. hire a wedding planner or purchase the The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook, this will guide you thru the steps, weather its a quick wedding, a very upscale wedding or an inbetween both of those wedding.


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