I take pride on making your special day, ONE TO REMEMBER!

One of the first things I will ask you to do when you call me is to pick the vows that you like. I have put together some sample vows for you to choose from. If you like one and want to add a personal touch, I can do that too. Or, if you find one elsewhere that you want to use, feel free to let me know. (click on a vow to view the entire ceremony)

~ Enter Days of Togetherness

~ May this Day Shine Eternally

~ Welcome to the Celebration

~ When Love Beckons

~ Witness & Share the Joy

~ Modern Civil Ceremony

~ Formal Ceremony

~ Simple Ceremony

~ Nonreligious Wedding Ceremony

~ Candle Light Ceremony

~ Wine Ceremony

~ Our Favorite Vows

~ The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook

~ A Very Good Wedding Ceremony 

~The Shannon & Craig Wedding

(Shannon Did this herself)

Take some time to browse through the choice of vows and the wedding tips that I've put together, and call me to see if I'm available for your special day.

I look forward to hearing from you and remember to always.....


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